Connecting Communities forGlobal Opportunity and Activism
Connecting Commuities for Global Opportunity and Activism
Since the beginning Georgia has been essential to Trade in the United States.
Georgia Research Environmental Economic Network (GREEN) .

Organizational Background

Georgia Research Environmental Economic Network (GREEN) is a non- governmental organization established in 2015. The organization was birth out of the founder’s 23 years involvement with the Harambee House, an environmental justice beacon in the Savannah community. The vision of GREEN is to bring together the community members, local planners and other stakeholders to achieve healthy and sustainable outcomes for all. GREEN’s mission is to be an advocate for the community while collaborating with businesses/government to address long-standing environmental and public health issues, support equitable economic development opportunities for disadvantaged community members, and strengthen communities

    Our core concepts include:

  • Growing smart communities;
  • Conducting independent research;
  • Environmental and Social activism;
  • Promoting equitable economic development;
  • Networking and creating partnerships locally, nationally and globally.

Since our inception, GREEN has championed community awareness and involvement with the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP), participated in the Moving Forward Network Zero emissions for the U.S. ports and harbors and worked with the “Ban the Box” campaign. Our recent endeavors include developing global partnerships and trade expansion opportunities with Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone of West Africa.

GREEN Team .

The Heart of Success is the Team

Founder of Georgia Research Environmental Economic Network (GREEN). Twenty-three years experience in the Environmental Justice Movement for community capacity building. Graduate of EPA – Region 4 Inaugural Environmental Justice Academy, Atlanta, Georgia. Ordained minister for over 29 years. Masters in Education - Speech-Language Pathology
Vernell Cutter
Over 30 years of management and administrative,financial, property, product sales, & human resource management experience. Curriculum development and national conference presenter. Life skills and job readiness instructor. Masters in Health Science Administration. Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.
Anita Moore Cutter
Chief Administrator
Graduate of DeVry and Keller University, Ms. Thomas has been working in event’s and marketing business more than 20 years. She a world traveled professional that is now the program manager for Emory University, and marketing director for Allwrite Advertising and Publishing, where she creates targeted sales campaigns and social media promotions.
Veronique Thomas
Chief Coordinator
Valicia Dawn Thomas is an energetic & compassionate professional with an infectious smile. As a veteran, Ms. Thomas trained in the Signal Corps for the US Army as a Record Telecommunications Center Operator. Ms. Thomas was crossed-trained in the training office learning to develop classroom visual aids, as well as in the security office utilizing her Top Secret Security Clearance
Valicia D. Thomas
Research Specialist
Ex US. Marine & with 20+ year IT and Entertainment expert, 17 Year entrepreneur with successful projects in China, S. Korea, Japan, and The USA. Quan Cutter brings extensive Technology expertise, strategy, and International resources to the overall project.
Quanterreo Cutter
Chief Technology Officer
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